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 硅谷留美博士企业家协会SCOBA Silicon Valley Chinese Overseas Business Association

Orgnization & History





To Qualify for SCOBA Membership

  1. an applicant must be recommended to the board by at least two members

  2. the applicant must fill in and return the application form below.

  3. submit a copy of current resume with the application form

  4. an applicant agrees to the bylaws and rules of SCOBA set below

  5. The SCOBA Board of Directors will make the final decision on membership.

SCOBA Membership Application Forms

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Bylaws of SCOBA

0. Organization of the Association

The English name of the association is Silicon Valley Chinese Overseas Business Association (SCOBA)
The Chinese name is Gui Gu Liu Mei Bo Shi Qi Yue Jia Xie Hui (in English equal to Silicon Valley US-resident Doctorial Entrepreneurs Association)
SCOBA is a nonprofit, nonpolitical organization to be registered in California.
Its members are overseas Chinese scholars in or from the Silicon Valley.
Association is founded by founders who initiated the organization and have played important roles in activities during the pre-SCOBA formation period.
The official web site of SCOBA is http://www.scoba.org

1. Board of Directors

For the year 2000, the transitional board consists of the 5 founders.
From 2001 on, the board will be re-elected according to the election rules.
The Association election rules will be determined by an election committee appointed by the board.
Board members can be re-elected.
Each director pays $200 membership fee annually.
For the year 2000, a transitional board consists of 5 founders.
Board meetings: once a month or quarter.
On reasonable grounds, the board can disqualify members by majority vote.
On reasonable grounds, the Board can impeach an officer by majority vote.
The 5 founders of the association are:
Dr. Jin Huang, Dr. Yanhui Ma, Dr. Zezhong Peng, Dr. Yue Wu, Dr. Dongping Zhu

2. Officers:

The board appoints all officers for a term of 2 years, except for the year 2000.
The following officer positions are established for the association in 2000:

Chairman – organizes meetings of the board.
President - manages all association businesses, reports to the board.
VP (secretary) - manages daily operations and keeps all records.
VP (treasurer) – manages the finance and tax affairs.
VP (other areas)

The Board can add additional positions.

3. Functions and rules of the board

The board makes final decision on all association matters
The board is elected by all association members every two years (except for the year 2000), and reelection of board members is allowed.
The majority rule applies in all board voting and decisions.
The board has the right to accept or remove officers and members.
The board has the right to change bylaws when needed.
Motions - When a board member proposes a motion and it is second by one or more board members, it must be voted by all the board.
Resolution – when a motion is accepted by the board, it becomes a resolution of the board and must be carried out by the board and the association.
Most votes are conducted by email. If a board member does not respond to a vote after it is posted for 7 days, he or she is considered to have cast an abstain vote.

4. Members

A member must be an active entrepreneur and an officer of a US business
Members must be recommended by two or more existing members and accepted by the board
All members are reviewed annually by the board for continued membership
Members can impeach a board member by a 2/3 majority vote.
All members must accept and abide by the rules of SOCBA
Members pay $100 annual membership fee, and failure in doing so will disqualify membership.
All members must honor the reputation and protect the interest of SOCBA
Official use of the SOCBA name in public by members must be pre-approved by the board.
Corporate members are accepted and the membership fee is $500 per year.

5. Mission

Promote business entrepreneurshipship among overseas Chinese scholars.
Promote the exchange with China in business, science, trade, and technologies.

6. General Operation Rules

The society can accept donation from individuals and corporations.

7. Election rules

To be decided by the election committee appointed by the board.

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